In this article, we will discuss what promotion on SoundCloud is and how you can create your promo. Also, we will discuss how you can do free SoundCloud promotion without paying any charges.

What is SoundCloud promotion, and how to create your promo?

Promotion on SoundCloud is considered to be a self-service that anyone can access. This means that you can make any type of music that you want and post it on the SoundCloud app. Then you can ask the community to hear out your song by sending a link to the song to them.

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Here are the steps which you can use to create your own SoundCloud promotion.

  •  Name your promotion

The first thing you have to do is give your promo a nice and catchy name that should match the song.

  •  Select the track you want to promote

You will have to choose the track which you want to promote in public.

  •  Decide if you want to use a simple or advanced method

This means you can choose which type of promotion of the song you want to do on the internet.

  •  Pick a budget you can spend

You will have to pick a budget on how much you can spend on promotion.

  •  Select start and end date

You will have to select the start and the end date of the promotion of the song.

  •  Choose your audience

You will have to select which audience you want to attract to your songs.

  •  Check availability and add to cart

You will have to see if the song will get promoted and then add it to your cart and make the payment.

How to do free promotion on SoundCloud?

Here is the list of steps you can use to do free soundcloud promotion in the market.

  •  Tag for success

This means that you will have to put inappropriate tags to the title or information of the song.

  •  Add a buy link

You will need to get your buy link and then add it to your SoundCloud account.

  •  Get album art right

It means that you should make the album cover art according to the song you are making. The cover must resonate with the values and theme of the songs, to give a clear message to the target audience.

  •  Share track privately before you release

This means that you should first share privately, takes some response, and then release it on SoundCloud.